Few disciplines have as many singularities as Thai boxing. The outfit (mongkon, pratcheet), the dance (ram muay), the music played even during the fight (sarama).

Boxing styles are also very numerous. The fimeu (the stylist), the muay khao (strong in legs), the muay sok (strong in elbows), the muay mat or matnak (strong in fists). We can also translate MATNAK by puncher. He is the one who brings a thrill, an extra emotion to a match.

This word struck our minds and match perfectly to our project. MATNAK is now a brand, exclusively dedicated to muay thai.

Our passion is born from the practice and frequent attendance of stadiums, including the old Lumpini which will probably remain the most emblematic place of this sport.

We were looking for a way to extend our enjoyment and we decided to offer a creative and offbeat vision of Thai boxing equipment.

Our desire is to surprise by relying on this rich universe of codes and traditions while adding a playful and original side.

Our requirement is to bring you the best products in the gym as well as in the city. Our credo ; Quality, Creativity, Passion.

2 nak muay doing the ram muay
2 fighters in the ring
Fighter going to his corner